May 26, 2022

Forest School & Joyful June

During the last few weeks, we have started our weekly Forest School sessions with the first group naming themselves The Kingfishers. We will have another group starting after half term. These two groups will run weekly until July.

Forest School groups have to be quite small, so it can be difficult to include lots of children. However, alongside the two groups, we will have some one off taster sessions so that more children can experience and benefit from Forest School activities

Our baby robins have fledged from their nest in the hen house. Lots of baby birds are fledging at the moment. This means that they are leaving their nests. If you see baby birds around, it is best to leave them alone as the parent birds will not be far away.

All our nest boxes are in use in the woods. This bluetit is busy feeding it's babies before they fledge in the next few days.

Thank you to the Year 6 children who have done an amazing job of weeding our growing beds.

These are our new Well-being Champions for next term, along with Millie Y5 and Henrietta Y3.

Joyful June is the theme for next month.


May 3, 2022

Spring Time and New Life

We are well in to spring now and nature is alive all around us. Things to notice in Squirrel Wood are the bluebells and wild garlic growing. These plants flower in early spring when there is still plenty of light through the big trees that form the canopy over our woodland. Once the trees have all their leaves in summer, there will be very little sunlight getting through to the plants on the ground layer. Then we will see plants that prefer shade starting to grow. 

We will be planting more woodland plants over the next few weeks and also getting our veg beds ready.

1st May was National Dawn Chorus Day. The birds form an amazing orchestra with their singing at this time of year but you need to be up very early to hear it. Just before sunrise, the first bird starts to sing, quickly joined by all the others. They sing their chorus in celebration of spring for around 30 minutes - about 15 minutes before sunrise and 15 minutes after. It is worth getting up for and especially if you are away from traffic and near to trees or woodland. 

One of the first birds to start the dawn chorus is the robin. It is also the last bird to stop singing in the evening and the only bird to sing throughout the winter.

Our shipping container arrived last week. This will be a great space for storage.
A huge thank you to The Lytham Lions Club who have funded the container for us and also to the Lee family, especially Melanie and Spencer, who have supported us with our pledge and worked incredibly hard over the last few months to find and respray a container and organise delivery.

Mrs Banks and Year 3 have been finding lots of signs of spring.
Many birds are nesting in our woods. Some are building nests and others are incubating their eggs. Great news....nearly all our new bird boxes are in use! 

Look out for swallows which have arrived in the UK during the last few weeks. They have flown around 6,000 miles from South Africa and will return there when the weather here turns colder in late summer. They fly about 200 miles each day for around 4 weeks to get here.
So, think about the swallow next time you're fed up on a long journey!

'Be Nice To Nettles' week begins on 15th May. Nettles have many benefits to wildlife, especially bees, ladybirds and other insects.
We will hopefully have some time to make nettle tea in The Nest.

Finally, the calendar for this month is Meaningful May...

March 29, 2022

Active April

 Lots of children have been out in the wood, helping to renew our pathways recently. There has been so much wood chip to move and everyone has worked really hard...we are nearly there now!


The wood and The Nest are looking great with many signs of Spring to be discovered. Our new nest boxes are already been investigated by inquisitive birds and the first Bluebells are starting to appear.  


The nest boxes have different sized holes, 25mm and 32mm. The smaller ones attract Blue Tits, Coal Tits and other smaller birds. The 32mm nest boxes attract Great Tits, Sparrows and Nuthatches.

The metal plate around the entrance hole protects the nest inside from predators such as squirrels and other birds, particularly Woodpeckers.


Year 5 enjoyed a sensory walk, using mirrors to look at the wood from different angles and perspectives. We then talked about the importance of seeing difficult situations from other people's perspectives as well as our own. 



As we approach Holy Week and prepare for Easter, classes will be following the Stations of The Cross journey around the wood.


Some children made clay tree people this week, all with different personalities. They can be seen around the wood.
There will be lots more happening in the wood after Easter and more opportunities for different groups to enjoy time out there.
Time spent in nature is time well spent, with lasting benefits to our mental health.


We now have two Wellbeing Champions in each class, from Y3 to Y6.
They have been doing a great job around school and on the playground, spreading smiles and positivity and they always have 
'Time To Talk'
Other children will have an opportunity to take up this important role when the Wellbeing Champions change after Easter.

Finally, the calendar for April is full of ideas and ways to be more active.

Forest School & Joyful June

During the last few weeks, we have started our weekly Forest School sessions with the first group naming themselves The Kingfishers. We will...