October 8, 2020

World Mental Health Day: Saturday 10th October


New link for parents - SMILING MIND APP (See column on right)🠊

Great app for all the family, recommended by CAMHS 

(Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service)

This Saturday is World Mental Health Day and the theme this year is 'Mental Health for All'. Make an extra effort this weekend to do something positive that will make you feel really happy! 🙂

We have been remembering World Mental Health Day this week in school. Year 3 have enjoyed a different wellbeing tip each day.

Willow, our new school therapy dog, has been in school every day for the last couple of weeks  and has spent time with lots of children.

Some children have been outside helping to plant bulbs ready for the Spring, with help from Willow!

Year 2 were outside learning about autumn and the colours of different leaves.

Finally, the calendar for this month is Optimistic October - lots of great ideas...

September 24, 2020

Autumn Equinox


The autumn equinox took place on Tuesday, when night and day were equal lengths. From now, it will start to get darker earlier as the daylight hours shorten. 

There are still lots of opportunities to get outdoors and boost our mental and physical health and well being.

Classes have been out in Squirrel Wood during the last couple of weeks, noticing lots of subtle changes as we gradually head in to autumn. 

We talked about how amazing trees are and all their great benefits, especially how they benefit our health and well being. 

We talked about The Great Lime tree at Holker Hall and measured out the size of it's trunk with string. It is about 400 years old and measures 8 metres around it's trunk.

We did stick activities - choosing our own special stick

and measuring it against our arms.

There was lots of wildlife around too.

Some classes practised Forest Bathing - sometimes called Nature Therapy. This means immersing yourself in the forest or woodland, breathing deeply and calmly, whilst silently taking in all the surroundings using your senses.
It can help us to feel calm and create happy thoughts.

September 11, 2020

A Great Start!


Separation anxiety - tips for parents 
See links for parents  ➔➔➔

The end of our second week back at school, after such a long time away for so many and what a great two weeks it has been.

You have all been brilliant at getting used to the new routines in school and helping to keep each other safe and healthy. 

We mustn't forget the importance of self care and keeping our minds healthy as well as our bodies. 

Try some of the activities on the calendar for September below. 

When negative thoughts creep in to our head, it can be difficult to be positive. 
Click on the link below for help with re-framing negative thoughts. 
This can help us to see negative situations in a more positive way. 

August 26, 2020


New links for parents (Top Two)

Our summer holidays are nearly over for another year and it is almost time to come back to school. 
This year is a little bit different as most children have been off school for a very long time. It will be great to see everybody again.

It's exciting but we might also feel a bit worried and nervous about coming back. It's ok to feel worried, there are lots of grown ups at school who will help you to feel better and calmer. Remember to tell a grown up, at home or at school, if you have a worry. Seeing your friends will help too.

July 17, 2020

Holiday Time!

Good Luck to all our amazing Year 6 children who left St Peter's today...
...Keep shining! 
Click on the link below to watch your film again.

Click on the links below to help keep your mind healthy and positive through the summer!

Check back on the blog during the last week in August for links and helpful tips about coming back to school.

July 5, 2020

Transition to New Classes

*Link to Transition Resources  
(Resources and ideas to work on to help your child prepare for returning to school in September.)

Our new resilience calendar for July, see how many of these ideas you can do throughout the month.

With just two more weeks left before the summer holidays, we  look back over the last year and celebrate all our amazing learning and achievements.
Well done to everybody! 

In September, you will move up in to your new class with all your friends. There will be new learning and new routines. Year 6 will be moving up in to high school.
It will be exciting and lots of fun and there will be adults to help you get used to things. 
We will all be learning together. 

You can fill in the missing parts of 'Starting in my new class' or just talk about it with an adult. 

(Don't forget to email if you have any worries or questions!)

June 28, 2020

All change

2 New parent links for good sleep 

As we come towards the end of another school year, we start to think about transition and moving up to our new classes in September. 

I think we will all agree that this school year has been very different to any other. We have all had different struggles.
As well as the struggles, there have been positive things too and it is these happy times that we must remember.

Moving in to your new class is really exciting and will be great fun. Lots of children can't wait to come back to school and are really looking forward to seeing their friends again.

Some children feel worried and nervous about a new class and about coming back to school, especially after having such a long time at home. 

So, a special message to those children who are feeling worried....

"Firstly, you have been missed very much and we can't wait to see you again in school. 
Secondly, I did lots of worrying when I was at school, so I really understand how you might be feeling about things. 
Thirdly, it is very important that you talk to an adult about how you are feeling. Talk to Mum, Dad, Grandma, Granddad ...anybody at home who you feel you can talk to. 
You can also talk to your teacher or to me or another grown up in school. You don't have to wait until September, you can email your worries now and then enjoy your summer holidays." (Email katy.s@st-peters-pri.lancs.sch.uk)

World Mental Health Day: Saturday 10th October

  New link for parents - SMILING MIND APP  (See column on right) 🠊 Great app for all the family, recommended by  CAMHS  (Child & Adoles...