July 17, 2020

Holiday Time!

Good Luck to all our amazing Year 6 children who left St Peter's today...
...Keep shining! 
Click on the link below to watch your film again.

Click on the links below to help keep your mind healthy and positive through the summer!

Check back on the blog during the last week in August for links and helpful tips about coming back to school.

July 5, 2020

Transition to New Classes

*Link to Transition Resources  
(Resources and ideas to work on to help your child prepare for returning to school in September.)

Our new resilience calendar for July, see how many of these ideas you can do throughout the month.

With just two more weeks left before the summer holidays, we  look back over the last year and celebrate all our amazing learning and achievements.
Well done to everybody! 

In September, you will move up in to your new class with all your friends. There will be new learning and new routines. Year 6 will be moving up in to high school.
It will be exciting and lots of fun and there will be adults to help you get used to things. 
We will all be learning together. 

You can fill in the missing parts of 'Starting in my new class' or just talk about it with an adult. 

(Don't forget to email if you have any worries or questions!)

June 28, 2020

All change

2 New parent links for good sleep 

As we come towards the end of another school year, we start to think about transition and moving up to our new classes in September. 

I think we will all agree that this school year has been very different to any other. We have all had different struggles.
As well as the struggles, there have been positive things too and it is these happy times that we must remember.

Moving in to your new class is really exciting and will be great fun. Lots of children can't wait to come back to school and are really looking forward to seeing their friends again.

Some children feel worried and nervous about a new class and about coming back to school, especially after having such a long time at home. 

So, a special message to those children who are feeling worried....

"Firstly, you have been missed very much and we can't wait to see you again in school. 
Secondly, I did lots of worrying when I was at school, so I really understand how you might be feeling about things. 
Thirdly, it is very important that you talk to an adult about how you are feeling. Talk to Mum, Dad, Grandma, Granddad ...anybody at home who you feel you can talk to. 
You can also talk to your teacher or to me or another grown up in school. You don't have to wait until September, you can email your worries now and then enjoy your summer holidays." (Email katy.s@st-peters-pri.lancs.sch.uk)

June 21, 2020

Mindfulness and Nature

A new link for parents, whether your child is returning to school this week or in September. 
'Returning to School' 
(Although aimed at younger children, this is still useful for older ones too!)

Saturday marked the longest day and the official start of the summer - lots of time to spend outside and boost our mental health. 
Some children in school have been looking after our vegetable beds over the last few months. Everything is growing really well, thanks to all the sun and rain that we have been having. The potatoes will soon be ready, once the flowers have died off. We are also growing lettuce, courgettes, butternut squash, cabbage and leeks. 

Spending time outside and growing things is a great way to practise mindfulness. It can help us to really focus on what we are doing at that moment, rather than rushing or having our head full of other thoughts. There is lots of mindfulness in nature. If you have ever watched a bird feeding... it is not worried about where it's next meal is coming from or what the weather will be like tomorrow or next week. Instead it is just living in that moment.

We now have a new boat at the front of school. Well done to the children who filled it with soil last week and got it ready for planting. It is full of plants which will attract bees and butterflies. There are also pebbles between the plants. This is so that the bees and butterflies can crawl out of the wet and have somewhere to dry their wings on rainy days.
Next time you pass the boat, notice the bees and butterflies, mindfully gathering their pollen. 

(The boat is there to remind us of St Peter, who our school is named after. St Peter was a fisherman and was one of Jesus' first disciples, along with Andrew. 
Jesus told Peter and Andrew that they must become fishers of men.
We will celebrate St Peter's feast day next week, so a great time for us to get a new boat!)

We are also continuing to develop our wild flower area and finally, after many months, the flowers have started to grow. This is another very important area for our bees and butterflies.

Maybe you could make a small growing area at home or create a bee and butterfly garden. Even if you don't have a garden, you could use a large pot instead. 

Have a great week.


June 14, 2020


Resilience - link for parents →

Resilience is something that we often talk about in school.
It means being able to 'bounce back' when things are difficult.
This bungee jumper will bounce back, once he reaches the end of his elastic cord (hopefully!) 

Resilience is -

getting back up when we fall
trying again if we get something wrong
forgiving a friend who has upset us
being strong on the inside
standing up for what is right
doing your best
seeing the positives
being determined 

Resilience is not always easy.

How to build resilience -

think positive thoughts
be kind to yourself
keep trying
spend time in nature 💚
talk to someone you trust
learn from mistakes
accept change
practise relaxation and keeping calm
ask for help when you need it

and always remember...


June 7, 2020

Joyful June

Welcome back to learning after the half term holiday. I hope everyone has had a good rest and enjoyed all the sunshine. 
We have a new calendar for the month of June, to remind us to look for what is good, even in difficult times. 
Remember also, to keep practising our relaxation and focusing strategies which are on the blog from before half term.

You could try some garden yoga this week and if you can, send a photo of yourself in any of the yoga poses.


May 11, 2020


SPRING is continuing to unfold in the natural world with lots of new life around us, often hidden away.
At A time like this, when things are so uncertain and lots of change is happening, it is good to focus and reflect on the steadiness and reassurance of nature. 
Nature carries on, season after season. The birds are sitting on their eggs, hatching new babies. woodlands and trees are fresh and green. 
Notice all these things when you go outdoors.

 ‘Grounding Technique’

This technique will take you through your five senses, to help remind you of the present. This is a calming technique that can help you get through tough or stressful situations.

Take a deep breath to begin.

5 - LOOK: Look around for 5 things that you can see,  say them out loud. For example, you could say, I see the computer, I see the cup, I see the picture frame.

4 - FEEL: Pay attention to your body and think of 4 things that you can feel, say them out loud. For example, you could say, I feel my feet warm in my socks, I feel the hair on the back of my neck or I feel the cushion I am sitting on.

3 - LISTEN: Listen for 3 sounds. It could be the sound of traffic outside, the sound of typing or the sound of your tummy rumbling. Say the three things out loud.

2 - SMELL: Say two things you can smell. If you can, it’s okay to move to another spot to smell something. If you can’t smell anything at the moment or you can’t move, then name your 2 favourite smells.

1 - TASTE: Say one thing you can taste. It may be the toothpaste from brushing your teeth, or a mint from after lunch. If you can’t taste anything, then say your favourite thing to taste.

Take another deep breath to end.

Holiday Time!

Good Luck to all our amazing Year 6 children who left St Peter's today... ...Keep shining!  Click on the link below to watch your film a...