September 30, 2021

Forest School Day

Next Friday, 8th October, is National Forest School Day. We will have a non uniform day with a theme of wearing woodland colours or camouflaged clothing. Hopefully, as many children as possible will be able to spend some time in our woodland.

Over the next 18 months we will work towards becoming a Forest School and will be further developing our amazing woodland space. This will enable us to use the woodland much more and in all weathers.

Children will continue to develop vital skills of resilience, empathy, team building, co operation and sharing, negotiation and problem solving. They will gain a deeper understanding of our precious natural world and the importance of nurturing and caring for it. Core subjects can also be integrated into outdoor learning, giving children a safe environment where they can build confidence and learn through exploration and play. 

Spending time in green spaces and experiencing nature has been shown to greatly improve mental health and well being, while reducing stress and improving self esteem. 

Nature soothes, restores and heals. 

The need for nature has never been greater.

It is hoped that we will also hold sessions for parents so that they too can experience the benefits of Forest School.

Our Forest School non uniform day next Friday will be the first fund raising event with funds raised going towards the installation of the woodland shelter, similar to the one below. Please remember to wear woodland colours and bring £1 to school.

Don't forget, we are hoping to re name our outdoor learning area....can you think of a name? 

And finally, some ideas for an optimistic October. 

August 31, 2021

Welcome Back!

Parent Links...Click Below

CLICK HERE _ Back to School - A Guide For Parents

CLICK HERE TO Help Children Cope With Worries At School

Welcome back to everyone after the summer holidays. I hope everyone has had a happy and healthy holiday. 😎

Starting in new classes and with new teachers is exciting but don't forget to ask about anything that you are not sure of or chat to an adult if you are worried or struggling with anything.

1st September is World Day of Prayer for The Care of Creation. It also marks the start of the Season of Creation which runs until 4th October.

During this time, we celebrate the joy of creation, particularly encouraging awareness and protection of our natural environments. 

Through the summer holidays, some work has been done in Squirrel Wood and we will be continuing this over the coming weeks and months to further improve the woodland. There will be lots of opportunities to get out and notice nature, appreciate creation and help to protect our environment.

The September calendar from Action for Happiness gives us ideas of how we can care for ourselves each day throughout the month.

July 10, 2021

End of another school year!

Links for Year 6 and parents -

Transition to high school booklet

Preparing your child for high school

 As we head in to our final week in school before the summer holidays, we remember that despite the struggles and sadness of the past year, there have been many fantastic achievements and great times in school. We have all worked hard together to overcome the difficulties....and we can be proud that each of us has made a positive difference in one way or another.

Sadly, Year 6 will not be with us this week but we are looking forward to their end of year celebration a little later than planned.

Mrs Kelly will be leaving us on Friday too. She has given so much to St Peter's over the years and will be greatly missed. 

Willow has now completed her first year at school as our therapy dog, providing emotional support to so many children and staff every day. She will enjoy her well earned holidays by doing lots of walking and swimming. 

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy summer holiday and don't forget to spend lots of time outdoors....whatever the weather!

Finally, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you require any support or have any worries about school or moving in to new classes in September.

May 6, 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week


Next week is Mental Health Awareness Week (10th - 16th May) and the theme this year is 'Nature'.

Pupil Pack Download Here!

Parent Pack Download Here!

We have received our tree packs from The Woodland Trust and some children will be planting them next week. We will also start planting vegetables. 

Try to spend more time outdoors!


April 20, 2021

A New Area For Learning Outside


Some Year 6 children have been busy this week, weeding the old hen run and laying new wood chip. We will soon be using this area as an extra outdoor learning space. Well done to all those who helped, you worked really hard - weeding thistles isn't the easiest job!

We know that spending time outdoors is really good for our mental health and general mood, especially when the weather is sunny.
Many birds are nesting now or looking for a place to build a nest. Bluebells are starting to flower and new life is emerging as the days grow longer and warmer. 

Reception class are eagerly awaiting the hatching of their chick eggs. They are due to hatch tomorrow.
They have everything ready and the heat lamp on to keep the chicks warm when they leave the incubator.
They will then learn all about the chicks and how to care for them.

Year 2 wrote some great letters to Willow with suggestions of where Willow could go for walks in our local area. 
Willow had a lovely time trying out lots of different places.

Unfortunately, Willow got a piece of glass stuck in her foot on Lytham Green. It is starting to heal now and she seems to be feeling better. 

Alfie's Mum was very kind and came to see Willow and brought her some things to help her foot heal quickly and kill any infection that might have been around the wound. 

March 28, 2021

Spring Time

Our first few weeks back at school have gone so fast and everybody seems to be settling back in to their routines really well. 
Some people are still getting used to being in school again and it can take some time, so well done to everybody're all brilliant!

Our Stations of The Cross are up in Squirrel Wood and classes have been going out and preparing Easter liturgies. 

 April's calendar from Action for Happiness is all about being active. There are some great ideas which will keep your mind healthy and fit as well as your body.

British Summer Time has now begun which means lighter evenings.
We will start to plant seeds and plants in our vegetable beds over the next few weeks.

Finally, we will be continuing to work on The Green Tree Award Scheme run by The Woodland Trust after Easter. 
We already have our Bronze award and will continue to work towards Silver and Gold. 

Our first job will be planting lots of trees which have been sent to us by The Woodland Trust.

Happy Easter!


March 4, 2021

Welcome Back!

  Parents click here for Elsa resources and a story about returning to school

It will be great to have everyone back in school on Monday. The school routine might feel a bit strange at first and some children might find it tricky but it won't take long to get used to it again. All the adults in school will be there to help you.

Willow will be very pleased to see you. 

We have had lots of woodchip delivered over the last few weeks.

Well done to those children who have helped to renew our pathways and make Squirrel Wood look amazing again. 💚

 Thank you to Kian for all his fantastic help and hard work outside

and a big thank you to Henry Lee who has been keeping busy during lock down making a bird box for every member of Year 5.
Thank you also to Henry's Mum and Dad for supporting Henry with this amazing project and thank you to Lilly Lee for helping to deliver the boxes to school and stack them all up ready to be given out to Year 5. 

An update on our school hens -

The hens are doing well and continue to live a very happy life with Noah's nana.

During the last year, Noah has spent lots of time with the hens helping them to learn to trust humans again.
Noah can be seen in the photo with one of the hens who was badly injured and was incredibly scared of humans. After lots of time and patience, this hen now trusts Noah and is even happy for him to pick her up. 
Well done Noah. 

Finally, the latest calendar for Mindful March.

Forest School Day

Next Friday, 8th October, is National Forest School Day. We will have a non uniform day with a theme of wearing woodland colours or camoufla...